Twinkle Khanna Learnt This Skill Growing Up With Her Grandmother. She Tried It Again 20 Years Later

Twinkle Khanna in stills from her video (courtesy twinklerkhanna )


  • Twinkle shared a video of her doing embroidery
  • “I can still hear my Nani’s voice,” she wrote
  • “It’s also calming,” she added

New Delhi:

On Sunday, Twinkle Khanna decided to focus on “small” achievements instead of “big” goals and she ended up busying herself with embroidery. She shared glimpses of her embroidery work – a rough portrait of Frida Kahlo – on social media along with an anecdote from her childhood. “While growing up in my grandmother’s house, we all learnt to paint, sew and knit. After twenty years I am trying my hand at embroidery again, struggling but trying. I can still hear my Nani’s voice echoing in my head, ‘Tina, don’t do untidy work’,” read Twinkle’s caption. In a separate tweet on Sunday, Twinkle added how doing embroidery was a therapeutic experience for her: “It’s also calming. The moving hands, working towards a small accomplishment instead of focusing on all the big things that can’t be tackled right now.”

So, did Twinkle make her grandmother proud?

Twinkle began her Sunday with in a “bleakly optimistic” mood:

Apart from writing and reading, Twinkle, who really has a green thumb, has also been investing her time in redecorating pretty corners of the house with plants in old jars and bottles.

Twinkle Khanna’s feed witnessed an influx of posts about husband Akshay Kumar, son Aarav and daughter Nitara after the nationwide lockdown was imposed in March. Here’s when she joined Nitara for a book reading session and fell asleep – proof was procured by Aarav, who may have been in trouble for that. LOL. Here are a few more of such entries.

Former actress Twinkle Khanna switched careers to become a best-selling author. She currently sports many hats – she’s a columnist, an interior designer, a producer and also a Twitter humourist.

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